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Ms. Kitty


A Little Bit of History

Vintage Rose Event Management was founded by Darlene Tilley in 2015. Her dream and vision was to provide a service that would make it possible for anyone on any budget to host a marvelous event. Darlene worked tirelessly on each and every event to ensure clients' expectations were not only met, but exceeded to their amazement.

While business was beginning to boom in late 2016, Darlene's health began to decline and Ms. Kitty, a trusted friend and colleague, was left in her charge during her leave of absence. With 35 years experience, Ms. Kitty assumed the helm with ease. Creating a pay-it-forward extended to all clients in need. 

With grave sadness, Darlene's health succumbed to her illness and she died in late 2018. Upon Darlene's wishes, Vingtage Rose Event Management now operates under the management and ownership of Ms. Kitty.

Darlene's legacy lives on forever in our hearts and within Vintage Rose Event Management. We continuously strive to meet and exceed expectations of our clients no matter their budget.

CEO of Vintage Rose Event Management
Ms. Kitty, 2018 - Present

It is with much honor that I sit in the seat of CEO at Vintage Rose Event Management. Darlene Tilley, Founder and former CEO, was and is still held dear in my heart. We both share the same vision to bring coordinated events to all, on any budget. During her leave of absence before her untimely death, I worked feverishly to make any and all transitions of management seamless to our clients.

Business continues to expand along with our amazing vendors and custom pricing. As we are already booking into 2022, I look forward to the future and what 2020 holds in store. Darlene's dream and vision live on with us. May her soul rest in peace.


Ms. Kitty